Snake Therapy Age Revitality night cream

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Boutique Anti-Wrinkle Cream (Night Time)


Triple active nourishing formula uses the synergy of action peptide of snake venom SYN-AKE, collagen and lecithin and provides intensive skin renewal effect:

✓ Boosts skin strenght and prevents wrinkles
✓ Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
✓ Smoothes and restores skin elasticity
✓ Regenerates and nourishe
✓ Intensively moisturizes

Did you know?...

"SYN-AKE (Swiss Technology Award 2006) strong relaxant snake venom peptide has a proven effect in smoothing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles."

Nutritional ingredients:
Soft apricot butter, d-panthenol, natural moisturizers soften and provide comfort to the skin by moisturizing and hydro-lipid balance protection.

Velvety soft, smooth and firm, visibly rejuvenated skin

Night cream for everyday use on the face, neck and shoulders.
To achieve compress – mask effect apply a thicker layer of cream on the face, neck and decollete preferably with a warm bath. Gently massage the skin, leave the cream to absorb, then remove any excess.
Recommended for the age over 30s to use 2-3 times a week as anti-aging cream.

Important information:
Dermatologically tested. 0% artificial colors, 0% PEG