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Joko Cosmetics Ireland

JOKO Make-Up

JOKO make-up cosmetics are the perfect blend of feminity and urban beauty. Offering a wide range of safe and effective products of the highest quality with over 230 products in the range, it is one of the top 5 brands of makeup cosmetics in Poland and the only Polish company listed on the stock exchange.

All products are Mineral based, Animal Cruelty Free & certified

JOKO make-up cosmetics have more than 20 years experience, and is produced by one of the most established cosmetics manufacturers in the world; Miraculum.

Reflects global trends, fashionable color palettes with original textures, consistencies and the masses closed in simple but outstanding packaging. The brand collaborates with professionals from Italy and France and its unique collections are created with the use of the latest active ingredients and unique, Swiss micronization technology.